GTV 1750 Auto

Our customer had begun this restoration with another company that decided to close its doors just after they had completed the welding of the bodyshell. Initially reluctant to take on a project that someone else had started, we gave in to the customer’s pleas!

Unfortunately much of the work that had been done was of a substandard quality & had to be re-done.

Once we had painted the bodyshell in the classic Alfa Rosso AR501, we received the sad news that our customer had suffered a stroke, and lost complete use of his left arm. The only possible outcome for him to still enjoy his 1750 GTV was to convert it to automatic and have controls fitted to the steering wheel to operate the lights, indicators, horn, windscreen wipers etc.

After a 2-year trawl we finally found a 2-litre GTV auto imported from South Africa & residing no more than 15 miles from the workshop! this was purchased, duly converted to manual, and the auto transmission transferred to our customer’s car. It was at this point, discovered that not only does the automatic car have a unique propshaft & differential, but the transmission tunnel is also wider to accommodate the auto gearbox! The bodyshell had to be returned to the bodyshop where the tunnel was reworked & then repainted.

A bespoke centre console was constructed to accommodate the auto shifter & extra gauges normally housed in the 1750 console.

Our customer was delighted with the way the car performs, saying it had exceeded his hopes & expectations, and was well worth the long wait!