My own road-legal track toy, this car started life as a 1300 GT Junior ‘scalino’.

It was to become a GTA replica ‘superleggera’ dubbed GTA-P, the ‘P’ referring to the use of ‘plastica’ panels, a moniker used by Autodelta in the 60s & paying homage to that one car which still exists in the USA today……

The body was stripped, outer panels removed and then media-blasted before all 6 sills & entire floorpans were replaced. Extra seam welding was carried out to the main ‘tub’ of the body, but not the crumple zones. A full bolt-in roll cage was trial-fitted before a set of lightweight GRP outer panels, including the boot floor were attached using a combination of modern bonding agents & the time-honoured traditional pop-rivets. The entire shell was then painted first in 2-pack epoxy primer & finally a bespoke dark metallic silver, using period tints to give an authentic finish.

A 2.0 twinspark engine was rebuilt using forged pistons & rods, ported head, high lift cams & tubular manifold, running KMS throttle bodies & a stand-alone Emerald ECU to give approx 200bhp yet the tractability to run smoothly in traffic.

A Ron Simons handling kit was fitted along with lightweight suspension components, and a 4-pot vented servo-less dual-circuit braking system designed in-house.

2 Recaro bucket seats, Willans harnesses & a bespoke alcantara interior complete the build.

Dry weight is a shade over 800kg

Most restoration work is carried out in-house including engine rebuilds (to standard or modified spec), mechanical & electrical overhauls & much of the interior trimming. However over the years we have built up a fantastic network for out-sourcing some of the more specialised aspects – local specialists include a screen fitter, a superb trimmer, a radiator reconditioner, a bodyshell blaster, an electrical component reconditioner, a powder-coater, a brightwork polisher and a mobile diagnostics expert,  gearboxes are rebuilt in-house while axles are entrusted to the UK’s top Alfa transmission specialist. This means that all aspects of a restoration can be dealt with under one roof, using the highest quality artisans, carefully selected over the last 25 years.