GTA 1750 Junior Wide Body

This car started life as a 1750mk2 and ordinarily we’d be reluctant to deviate from such an iconic model, but this car needed a restoration and our client had always desired a wide-body step-front GTA Junior styled car…..

The body was stripped, paint removed and the ugly parts revealed. With the rot cut out, the transformation could begin. The body was completely repanelled using GRP items before the GRP arches were added, in the time-honoured fashion of riveting, left exposed just as Autodelta did back in the day. A set of modern GTAm style alloy rims complete the stance, filling those wide arches nicely.

A bespoke interior was installed, utilising leather clad seats from a later 916 model Alfa GTV which actually work really well & have the lovely Cross & Serpent logo embossed into them.

Most restoration work is carried out in-house including engine rebuilds (to standard or modified spec), mechanical & electrical overhauls & much of the interior trimming. However over the years we have built up a fantastic network for out-sourcing some of the more specialised aspects – local specialists include a screen fitter, a superb trimmer, a radiator reconditioner, a bodyshell blaster, an electrical component reconditioner, a powder-coater, a brightwork polisher and a mobile diagnostics expert,  gearboxes are rebuilt in-house while axles are entrusted to the UK’s top Alfa transmission specialist. This means that all aspects of a restoration can be dealt with under one roof, using the highest quality artisans, carefully selected over the last 25 years.