Giulia Ti ‘Fuorilegge’ (Outlaw)

My own ‘test mule’ if you like – we took a 1966 LHD Giulia 1300 Ti and decided to improve its performance!

In order to keep the cable clutch gearbox, the maximum engine size we could go to with that bellhousing was a 1750, so we took a 1750 engine but enlarged the capacity to nearly 1900 by boring out the liners, using oversized forged pistons, forged rods, alloy flywheel, a ported head with bigger inlet valves and high left cams coupled with a tubular manifold & sports exhaust system, giving roughly 150bhp after being set up on a rolling road…

A handling kit was fitted, along with Koni dampers, 15″ alloy rims & 195/55 tyres. A 4-pot ‘big brake’ conversion was fitted at the front while the original rear Dunlops were retained.

The result is a sweet handling sports saloon with plenty of grunt that loves to rev with matching stopping power – real Q-car!